Thursday, 2 September 2010

Port Jefferson.

Jeremy, and his friend Alex and me went to Port Jefferson for the day. It was fun! We went on a double decker train, which was way cool. but the town itself didnt have too much too offer but it was fun to get out of the city and to go to Long Island.

museum of history.

We went to a 'party' on the upper east side. It consisted of 6 guys sitting around a small table with a few bottles of beer, each with a bit of paper of their foreheads with a celebs name. It was so so lame. AND check out the taxis they have screens in them with GPS so you can track where you are, you can watch the news and you can pay by credit card. 

There was a fashion shoot happening in the park. It made me laugh so much, she looked liked such an idiot. I loved it.


This is my buddy Blake. We've been hanging out a lot. We've been to lots of cool shops and bars. Its nice to have someone more my age to go do things with, cause Jeremy is only 15 which can be a bit of a problem.
We went to Kiosk, an amazing shop. Filled with loads of great things. I think it was itsnicethat the other day. Very cool.

This is Washington Square. Its really lovely at night. Its only a few blocks away from me, so I've been going there loads in the day to read and eat lunch. Although you have to beware of the crazy's... of which there are many.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


We stayed at an amazing house near Princeton, with Noel and Bob. Their home was like a bit of heaven after being on the road. It was down a little track surrounded by corn and they had woodland all around. It was really really lovely. Chancy the dog was also a big love of mine, he would swim with us in the pool. (doesnt he look a lot like the dog from Up! but without the cone of shame.)