Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Had a nice morning walking along the beach. When the tide is out its incredible. The we were back on the road. We are trying to hit Virginia Beach in Virginia but thats about 8 hrs away so it depends if we can make it.

Had a scary time at the gas station. Lisa turned the engine on whilst Jeremy was still filling the car.. That was an interesting event. 

We went through Georgia, North Carolina to SOUTH OF THE BORDER. This weird tourist trap on the border of North and South Carolina. It has the weirdest and horriblest stuff.  Loads of Mexican things, even though we are miles and miles away from Mexico. We had a seriously horrid meal, I had something that was supposedly enchillada, which had loads of american cheese. Then we had some fluorescent looking ice creams. It was pretty amazing stop. 

Then we drove on till we couldnt go any further. And now we're in Rocky Mount. Literally in the middle of no where. Think we head off again tomorrow - and hopefully we'll go through Washington D.C (so I can see Obama himself!) and Baltimore before getting to Princeton, where were staying for a night. I'll put up some pictures from today/tomorrow when I can. 


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