Wednesday, 18 August 2010

leaving miami.

Woke up super early and got back on the 95 North back to NY. We have about a week before we have to be back so we're going to take a more leisurely approach to the road trip.

We drove to North Florida to St Augustine where we met Lisa's friend Sheryl. We went for a super nice Cuban meal, I had a mahi-mahi sandwhich and a very nice champagne sangria. I dont know what was in it but I had way too much. Sheryl tried to drag us round tourist things but the heat (and too much alcohol) nearly killed us. But St Augustine is the oldest town in the USA, it dates from around 1513 i believe when spanish explorers found it. Which to me doesnt seem that old considering in England we have history that dates thousands and thousands of years ago. But the Americans go wild for it. 

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