Wednesday, 18 August 2010

st aug.

It was so so hot. Like the desert. So we went back to her house. The house was in Ponte Verde, right on the beach. It was pretty unbelievable. The house was full of dodgy shells and mermaids and had a classic american decor.. (a bit off!) but the beach was breathtaking. Like something from a film. We hung around outside, had a casual dinner on paper plates and had salt water taffy! oh and these insane caramel apples which were the size of my head, a massive granny smith covered in yummy caramel and then coated in either pecans or peanuts on sticks. We got a bit freaked because we found a snake in the house. We were all screaming and running around, but supposedly it wasnt poisnous, but that didnt make me feel any safer.

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